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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Even a Small Leak

As the days get wetter and colder, many of us might begin to notice leaks big and small, old and new in our homes. Making our homes watertight is essential for a number of reasons. No one’s enthusiastic about forking out for roofing refurbishment, but in the long run it saves peace of mind and potentially greater losses.

Most leaks obviously need attending to right away. For others you might be wondering in the back of your mind how long you can leave the issues for, relegating it lower in your list of priorities. No matter where in the house or how small, you shouldn’t delay with roof repairs. Here are some good reminders of why acting on even the smallest leak is essential.

Older house with a roof leak

The Problem Will Only Get Worse

Unsurprisingly, a leaking roof will not repair on its own. In fact, any changes are only going to be worsening ones. Initially, the issues may be mostly cosmetic. Discolouration or bubbling in the ceiling, a stained carpet below it, perhaps water lines running down the walls. Already these are pains one could do without. These may be the tip of the iceberg, however. Already, or if left unattended, there could be rotting in the structural wood - which needless to say can have a heavy impact on the integrity of your home (and your bank account).

Damage could also spread and cause sudden damage to electrical systems and any connected appliances. Mould, mildew and other issues with damp may start to emerge.

You Can Avoid Greater Expenses in the Long Run

The repairs necessary due to a neglected leak could be extensive. Water running down the walls is one thing, but repairing structural damage, dealing with damp and mould issues, or replacing an entire roof will be far more expensive to deal with.

It might seem like a bill you really don’t need right now, but repairing your roof could be saving you much larger sums in the future. And much larger headaches.

Decreased Life Expectancy Of Your Roof

Roofs are built to last but, like anything, they do have a life expectancy. A whole roof replacement is no small job, and one that isn’t looked forward to, but they ought to last for many years before needing replacement.

A leaking roof, however, can significantly damage a greater roof system and reduce its overall lifespan. Nobody wants to replace a roof sooner than they have to and, by acting on each and every little issue, you probably won’t need to. Attend each and every leak as soon as possible so it doesn’t pose a threat to the greater roof system.

If you are in need of a roof replacement, contact Probuild Contracts today for a quote. Probuild Contracts offer a range of roofing services, whether with domestic or commercial roofing. Find out more about how we can help you today.

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