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Top Five Common Reasons for Roof Repairs in Edinburgh

Roof repairs are an absolute essential within any domestic or commercial property, and represent a key component of general maintenance. Not only do these adjustments prevent further issues, minimise draughts and ensure all legal compliance is being followed, but professional roof repairs provide you with the safety you need, especially if you live in an area prone to harsh weather conditions. Whether you’re seeking repairs to increase the value of your home, or to safeguard employees within your premises, read ahead and let the local team at Probuild Contracts take you through five of the most common reasons to seek roof repairs in Edinburgh.

Roofing project

Organising Tile Roof Repairs

Before organising routine repairs or an extensive roof refurbishment, ensure you’re in touch with a competent provider. It isn’t easy to know for sure that you’re working with contractors who prioritise workmanship quality and customer satisfaction, which is why recommendations and local reputation are often the best way to go. We regularly achieve great feedback from our customers on Checkatrade and MyBuilder - a sure indication of reliable contractors. Remember that regardless of online presence and authenticity, you should always ask to see the qualifications and credentials of any specialist you’re considering before committing and signing a contract.

The firm or individual you opt for will depend largely on the type of work you would like to undertake, as different organisations will possess different specialisms and accreditations. In constant contact with you throughout your dealings with us here at Probuild Contracts, ready to handle any enquiries you may have. As well as being skilled roofers, we have a wealth of experience throughout the building trade, so you can rest assured you are in safe and professional hands.

High Wind Damage

Extreme weather can often lead to costly property damage, and this is unfortunately the case when winds become unpredictable. Signs of wind damage on a roof can include loose shingles, chimney issues, a damaged soffit or fascia and even indoor leaks. Also worth remembering is that high winds can also cause tree branches and other elevated structures to fall and damage a roof. In some cases, storm damage will be minor enough to handle yourself, from dislodged tiles to a blocked guttering system - some basic DIY knowledge can go a long way. This isn’t always the case however, and occasionally, you’ll know straight away that the issues in question are far more complex in nature.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the work you can always consult a professional, especially if there is an element of risk involved in the repairs. It's difficult to guess just how much time, effort and money will go into its repair, though the best course of action is always to approach the situation in a calm manner, contacting industry specialists if appropriate.

Snow Loads

Though not too applicable in the current climate, your roof's condition and structure may be directly impacted by winter storms, therefore it's crucial for homeowners to recognise the likelihood and severity of weather damage. When snow builds up on your roof, the weight will begin to gradually weaken it. Your shingles may also sustain damage if snow melts and then refreezes, causing expanded water to wear away surfaces. Normally snowstorms won't bring you anywhere near these amounts of snow, but if it falls over several days without a chance to melt, there are considerable risks, especially of a leaking roof.

Simply keeping an eye on the weather for snow accumulation in your area will give you an idea of how much is likely to form on your roof. Take note that ice and snow tend to more readily accumulate on low slope and flat roofs over porches or parts of a home that are next to a taller section of the house, especially during high winds - so make your preparations!

General Decline From An Ageing Roof

When you have a new roof fitted, or when additions have been installed, this will generally come with a guarantee of some description. The length of the guarantee will be indicative of how long you should leave it before fully replacing it, and after this date, your roof will really start to look its age. Delays in replacements and repairs at this point could lead to bigger issues down the line, such as leakages, draughts and other complications which will prove otherwise costly. Over time, damage is bound to occur in places, but if such problems go unnoticed, a small split can easily become a huge hole. If all else fails, you may need to think about that new roof - so if in doubt, consult our online resources at Probuild Contracts.

Negligence Of Minor Issues

Minor issues can easily be overlooked, and though the immediate result of neglecting your roof may not be obvious, the consequences are often higher energy costs. If dealing with an untidy roof which has fallen into disrepair, hot air may escape in the winter, with cold air leaving in the summer through the same holes that allow rainwater to leak through. You may end up paying significantly more each month for electricity if you don't fix any holes in your roof surface, so make this a matter of priority, and don’t allow it to grow into a bigger issue.

Organise tile roof repairs, and you can potentially kill two birds with one stone by stopping the leaks and also halting wasted energy. Another byproduct of neglected roofing, unhygienic Mould can begin to form too in some cases when there is a draught, exposing you to health risks. Regularly check and clean your gutter systems, ensure that no insulation is exposed to the elements, and regularly check that your roof has no leaks.

A Poorly Ventilated Chimney

Though Edinburgh is a smoke control zone, unused chimneys must still be ventilated as a matter of priority. If your chimney is not ventilated, or the ventilation has been installed in an unprofessional manner, damage can cause mortar deterioration, popping, and create cracks in the cement. Capable of repairing and safety proofing your chimney set-up, at Probuild Contracts, we’re proud to provide expert roofing and building services with a vastly experienced team of professionals. This includes plasterers, builders and rendering experts - so every aspect of your project is covered, by individuals who certainly know what they’re doing.

Probuild Contracts: Your Roofing Company For Gutter Repairs And Much More

As one of the leading roofing companies in Edinburgh, we can provide assistance in every aspect of building and maintenance work, able to quickly respond to call-outs to fix any damage caused by weather or general wear and tear. As you probably know, any damage can lead to a leaking roof, causing dampness, or attracting pests, so it’s important you seek domestic roof repair as soon as you notice a problem developing.

We have a team of highly qualified roofing specialists that can fix any leaking roof, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, count us as the number one expert to call. For any job big or small, our team at ProBuild Contracts Ltd will be able to handle matters. Have you found yourself searching for ‘roof repairs Edinburgh?’ We’re proudly based in the city, but also cover all of Lothians, Borders, Fife and Stirlingshire - so wherever your issue occurs, we can arrive in good time! Contact us today, and benefit from leading local experts.

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