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Slate Vs Tile Roofing

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Whether you’re completely replacing a roof, or in the middle of an extension/new build, you need to think carefully about what kind of roofing you’ll want for it. This could be purely for aesthetic reasons, but there are also advantages and disadvantages to every type of roof. Two of the most popular types of roofing are slate and tile.

So here are some of the similarities and differences between the two types to help you decide which one will be best for your roof.

Tiled roofing

Slate is an incredibly durable roofing material that also provides a timeless look. People love to use it as it will last a lot longer than other roof types, but the downside is the price. You’re paying for the quality of the slate, as it is a rather expensive option, while also requiring more effort to install and maintain.

Each tile needs to be individually maintained to ensure it is perfect. A slate roof also needs a pitch of 30 degrees, so it may not be the tile for you if this isn't possible. If you’re not working on a small budget and don’t mind the extra time the installation may take, slate roofing is a great option to provide a touch of class.

Tile roofing is one of the most common roofing materials used in the UK, becoming a standard choice for many new builds and roof replacements. They are very durable against damage, while also being easy to repair. Tiles are often just taken out and replaced instead of worked on to get them back to a good condition.

Tile roofing is typically a lot cheaper than slate but usually doesn't last as long as slate can. You can get tile roofing in a lot of different materials, such as clay or concrete. The choice of which to use usually depends on the pitch and strength of the roof, so it is always best to get a professional opinion on what works for you before you commit to a material.

Other Roofing Types

Flat roofing is commonly used for a lot of flat surfaces. It can be installed quickly and easily, normally just rolled up and secured properly. It is lightweight while also being completely waterproof. Rubber roofing is another durable option that can last on a roof for up to 50 years. It’s weathertight and can be installed fairly quickly. Patch repair can easily fix a leaky flat or rubber roof, meaning you won’t have to pay for a whole replacement.

Roofing Services From Probuild Contracts

If you’re looking for skilled roofers to help you with a slate or tile roof, work with Probuild Contracts today. We provide quality roofing from experts to clients throughout the Central Belt of Scotland, priding ourselves on our high-standard finishes and excellent customer service.

Along with the installation of tile and slate roofing, we also offer roof repairs, fascia's, soffits, plastering and chimney repairs. So call today on 07541 315276 to see how we can help you with your roof.

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